Optimization of Energy Efficiency of Three Phase Induction Motor Drives for Industrial Applications



SCIMs, Induction motors


Electric motors are used in nearly 60% of the global electrical power generated. Due to the greater energy consumption, there has been a considerable rise in production costs and environmental degradation, increasing general operating expenses. Therefore, the efficiency of three-phase squirrel cage induction motors (SCIMs) may be improved to save a large amount of electricity. The thesis aims to investigate increasing the efficiency of three-phase (SCIM). The proposed method improves the efficiency of (SCIMs) using PID controller Simulink design in Simulink/MATLAB. To successfully determine the motor characteristics and simulate a three-phase (SCIM) under various loads. The effects of lowering the voltage and using PID controller on motor characteristics such as generated torque, power factor, reactive power, apparent power, output power, rotor speed, and magnetising current are also discussed. The simulation result found that the proposed motor efficiency and power factor method is improved by using a PID controller. At motor torque of 12 N-m, the efficiency is 80%, which rises to 92 % at higher motor torques. After applying the proposed method, the power factor becomes 0.64%, which is an improvement of 0.2%.


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