A Design and Modelling of PV-Diesel Hybrid Energy System with Fuzzy Logic Controller



Fuzzy logic controller, Hybrid energy systems, Renewable energy, Power management


— Renewable energy, such as wind and photovoltaic arrays, has become the core energy in micro-grids used for supplying remote areas and areas suffering from electricity outages. Many limitations, such as weather fluctuations and low efficiency, lead to designing and developing a hybrid energy system. The integration of photovoltaic arrays and diesel gensets has become one of the most common approaches to generating electricity for remote communities. Although the integration of photovoltaic arrays and diesel gensets has the potential to reduce the cost of electricity production by harnessing free energy from the sun to reduce the power generated by diesel engines, it tends to complicate the control of the entire system due to the intermittent nature of the renewable energy sources and changing load demand. This paper proposes a fuzzy logic controller of PV-Diesel hybrid energy system, which is used as an effective tool in facilitating optimum power-sharing between the PV power source, charging, and discharging batteries and diesel generator as a backup based on the dynamics of the available PV energy at any time. Optimizing power control in the PV-Diesel hybrid energy system is key to minimizing the cost of power generation and maximizing the overall efficiency of the PV-Diesel hybrid energy system. The MATLAB-Simulink is used to design the fuzzy logic controller of the PV-Diesel hybrid energy system and to validate its performance. Five scenarios during the day have been tested to show the performance of the fuzzy logic controller. The results showed the accurate controlling of the power flow in the PV-Diesel hybrid system and the power saved about 2%.


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